Inspiration for the Photography Newbie

Yesterday, together with other members of the Dynacom Council, I had the great opportunity to attend the Canon Pixma Seminar at the Quest Hotel, Cebu. The seminar was all about Canon cameras and printers and what they offer. The speaker was professional photographer Per-Andre Hoffmann. (His photos are amazing! Truly inspiring!)  Basically, he showed us photos he took all over the world using Canon cameras.

photo of the council members with Per-Andre Hoffmann.

Even though I have been interested in the field for years, that was the first ever seminar/workshop thing I have been to that was about photography. It’s safe to say that I learned a lot!

Mr. Hoffmann showed us loads of photos and as he showed them, he shared his techniques and what he experienced when he took those pictures. Listening to him was truly inspiring.

He said, “try to see things a little bit differently.” That was the statement that stuck with me. Why? These days, most people have this perception that just because they own a digital SLR camera, it means they’re photographers. With that said, it seems that anyone can take pictures of just whatever and deem themselves photographers. And as a person truly interested in photography, I would want to exclude myself from that norm. So, I plan to take to heart what Per-Andre Hoffmann said, and see things in a different way.

I realized then that photography is not only just capturing memories. It can be the expression of how you see the world – how you see people, nature, everything. And just like every other medium in art, photography is self expression. (oh! and I will surely attend more workshops in the future LOL)

That seminar is 4 hours of my life that could not be replaced. That seminar left me feeling inspired to do more with my craft. Hopefully, what I’ve learned, I will apply.

“ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson