Am I still a Bookworm?

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Since I was a kid, I’ve been reading books. I can remember clearly that the very first book that I finished cover to cover was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was still in the 4th grade and the movie was just about to come out. One of my sisters, who is a die-hard bookworm, influenced me. Within the month, I finished the four Harry Potters that have been released. Then waited and waited and reserved and was always there to buy for the release of the 5th, 6th and the last book of the series.

Reading novel length books when I was younger actually helped me in school. Whenever we took those comprehensive exams, it would always result into me having a superior reading comprehension rate. I vaguely remember that when I was 5th or 6th grade, I was reading at the level of upperclassmen high schoolers.

During that time, I dubbed myself a bookworm. I was one of the few who went to the library and borrow some books. I read a lot of Nancy Drew books back then.

There is nothing like reading. It makes you smart! It is both fun yet your brain is actually doing something, you know? You get to be chilled out and be so relaxed, too.

With this blog post, I have to admit, I haven’t been reading anymore noteworthy books. I try to but sometimes, they seem so heavy to me now. (Is this me getting non-smart? Noo!) Maybe I’m only cut out for light reading now.

This part here is where I rant about books that I’ve read, I’ve tried to read, or will someday read.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien I am ashamed to say that I tried to finish this. I really did. But it gave me headaches. So I gave it up. I did see all the movies though. Hopefully that counts for something… but not really. So, maybe, A Song of Fire and Ice is out of the question, then? I can’t even push myself to watch Game of Thrones. Gah!

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series (by Michael Scott) – My sister has first edition hard cover copies of the books… and I only read the first one, if I recall correctly. The book did have the same feel as Harry Potter, in my opinion.

I did breeze through the Hunger Games books (by Suzanne Collins) though. I read through the night with those books. I guess its fast pace got me hooked.

I’ve read all of Rick Riordan’s books that involve mythology: The Percy Jackson books, the Heroes of Olympus books that have been released (and am I waiting for the next one), and the Kane Chronicles. I’ve always been interested in mythology as a kid. These books have fast paced adventures that were very nice for me to read.

I read the Hex Hall books (by Rachel Hawkins) last semestral break. I was bored and I wanted to do soothing with my time. It was a fun read though. I literally laughed out loud at one point.

Just goes to show I am not for those slow epics. The epic fantasy tales of traveling, fights and adventures don’t really capture my interest much.

I have to be honest and say that I have read all the Twilight books… and I have mentioned that I enjoyed them. Slightly. The story wasn’t really that good, but it was a love story nonetheless. I happen to enjoy love stories, that’s just the girl in me.

Also, I have read the majority of the Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn in the past years. I’ve always liked those period novels. They give a different feel and flavor of romance that is so rare nowadays.

So, for the past months, I’ve convinced myself to read the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series (both by Cassandra Clare) later.  Sadly, I’m still at the first couple of chapters. School’s been a distraction.

You can picture it now. If you’d give me a book to actually read, I’d be given a romance novel, filled with swoon-worthy moments and sweet words minus the smut, of course.

For the record, I have no interest in those 50 Shades books. Those are way past the level of “icky” that I can take.

Lately though, I’ve been leaning towards the Young Adult genre. That is so typical! (I’ve been looking up YA books at Goodreads.) I enjoy it and that’s what matters. And more importantly, I want to branch out. Read more of the Classics, try to read those epic tales, maybe venture into non-fiction? I’m not sure yet but we’ll see.

So, the question. Am I still a bookworm?


There’s something about Twilight.

This is not a review!

So, just yesterday, I went to see the last movie of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

I’ve been a semi-fan of the saga. When I found out online that some romance/vampire movie was being made, I became interested. That’s just the sap in me, maybe. So, I read the books and breezed through all of them. Not the best that I’ve read but the story was quite compelling… or maybe I just can’t resist that kind of love story.

Trust me, I am not a fan girl, even though I got the whole book set for my 18th birthday. They now lay in a box, gathering dust!

Through the years and watching all the previous movies, it became rather boring. Honestly, I became more intrigued with the actors’ lives and their other projects rather than all the Twilight hype. But seeing the last movie made me remember what got me interested in Twilight in the first place.

It was that love story and I saw that in the last movie. Although the whole Twilight saga is made up of very farfetched story lines, in its essence, I think, is a very special kind of love between the two lead characters.

In the books and also in the last movie, I saw something that people would die to have. It’s not living forever, immortality or special powers. That’s a plus but being with that certain someone; having the courage to give up everything, even your own life for that someone (without really having to); feeling lifeless when that person leaves you; going against all odds just to be with that person – deep inside, these things are what we want to feel and want to have. We all want to experience that kind of love – a true, passionate, unconditional love.

My thoughts of Twilight may be found in any other romantic novel or movie out there. They’re not the best movies ever or the best books ever, they still give a simple yet true message. Even if presented in the weirdest and most twisted way possible, love is what it’s all about… the true kind, the passionate kind and the unconditional kind. In my opinion, nothing tops that.

BTW, I did enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 2. It was the  best one out of the whole series, me thinks.

My October through Instagram.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been neglecting my humble little blog for a couple of days now. And I certainly blame the start of classes for it! So, to be a “non-procrastinator”, I wanted to post something… and violà!

I was inspired by one of the posts of one of the blogs that I follow, Kryz Uy’s Thirstythought. Although, I don’t know her personally, she is such an inspiration – with her great style and with blog writing.

Anyway, she posts a sort of summary of her month using her Instagram photos. I thought that it was such a fun way to remember what transpired the past month. For me, photos are there to capture the best of times and I thought that a blog post filled with them was such a unique way to remember the month by.

So, feeling inspired yet not-so creative, I decided to follow suit. And here’s my October through Instagram. 🙂

1. lonesome drink at Starbucks during my 3 hour break in between classes
2. Sbarro lunch with the BF 🙂
3. Dimsum dinner with the BF again. 🙂
4. pile of damaged cars in the police camp/compound
5. my doppelgänger! LOL just me with lots of make up on 🙂
6. Starbucks again, this time with the BF.

1. a screen cap of during the time of the Cyber Crime Law debacle
2. Balamban Liempo
3. My friends during our project making sleep over’s horror movie break
4. screen cap of BF’s message, translated: I’m your prince in real life 🙂
5. Brown Cup’s Pesto Butter Porkchop.
6. screen cap of my requirements to pass last semester

1. chocolates given by my sister
2. the BF’s pretty eyes.
3. JCA’s Magic Pizza
4. beating the BF in online Scrabble
5. ice cream break at the nearby 7/11
6. Ayer’s yummy yummy Boneless Lechon!

1. my sister’s homemade chicken soup
2. Burger Joint’s Bacon Mushroom and Cheese Burger with a side of fries
3. the niece being all cute with her new stroller bag
4. Chicken Charlie bowls and potato wedges.
5. Chatime!
6. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts

1. installed the Sims 3!
2. Taylor Swift’s Red album. listened to only this for a whole week.
3. had milk tea fix at Bon Appetea near the niece’s school.
4. the niece playing a bit of chess.
5. my 2nd semester’s schedule, although not final
6. Belgian Choco Cookies!

1. friends at our little get together at Handuraw Pizza
2. what we ate at Handuraw Pizza
3. even more belgian choco cookies! 😀
4. Sunburst dinner with the BF 🙂
5. Starbucks! again.

I just noticed that I coincidentally started and ended my Instagram month at Starbucks. How neat is that? Also, it is glaringly obvious that I ate a lot of good food last October, which is a good thing. It’s funny how just typing up those little captions made me remember all the memories associated with these snapshots. It’s a tad nostalgic, wouldn’t you say so? I’ll definitely try to do this more often. 🙂

About the First of the Last

Warning! Text heavy post up ahead! 

Today is the day that marks the official end of the first semester for my last year in university! I passed all the projects. Defended one, even. Gave my adviser all my internship documents. It’s finally done and I am relieved. Hey! Only 5 more months to go before graduation. The anticipation is killing me and I’m sure, the school load will too.

I have to say, the past semester has not been good to me. Some things just didn’t pan out the way I desperately wanted them to. But, these things do happen.

Let me elaborate…

For starters, my On-the-Job training requirement for school was not much of a dream-come-true. With internships, you tend to have this dream job of sorts in mind. I think. That so didn’t happen to me! But you have to deal with what the universe has given you, especially with the time constraints. My internship contract ended around the 2nd month after school started but despite finishing quite early, the experience landed me into LOTS of personal trouble. I admit, I have made poor poor poor choices.

Another thing. My student organization council gig was not so good. I don’t know. Before the start of the academic year, I was ready to face things head on. I was ready to commit. But life happens, I guess. I had to finish my OJT work. Also, I had errands at home, and sometimes the parents just decide that I should stay at home for some days. Clearly, despite being in my early 20s, my parents still think I’m a kid. Sheesh. Excuses aside, I did not perform. I know that for a fact, regrettably so. Hopefully, I can redeem myself for the next semester.

With these first two cases, I seriously wish I could turn back time. Since I can’t, then, I have to live with my poor! decisions.

The projects. Grr. Those projects are the bane of my existence (as a student). The only thing that bothered me with regards to all the projects that I’ve passed for my final this semester was that it wasn’t good enough. So not good enough. Being a semi-perfectionist and wanna-be overachiever in school, those projects did not make me happy. They were very much not up to par. But what’s done is done. I’ve passed them and hopefully, the grade will be better than the actual project. Plus points for attendance, sir?

On a more personal note, my relationships with people around me suffered a bit. My family, peers, the boyfriend – these relationships have been a tad rocky. I can certainly pinpoint why I rocked the boat on these relationships… and for that, I’m sorry. Truly. I am. No excuses. I promise to get better at all this though. Promise. Promise. Promise.

Hopefully, in a couple month’s time, I’ll be blogging about walking down the aisle… and accepting my diploma! YEY~

Wish me luck for next semester!

On this day…

I am having this post scheduled at 12:01am Philippine time. Why so specific? It is because it is the start of the 30th day in August – my birthday.

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I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to the things that I am thankful for. If interested, read on. Pardon writing mistakes, if any.

  1. My life. Of course, I am very much thankful for having reached 21 years. It seems like a long period of time, but having lived through that length so far, it doesn’t feel that way. Hopefully, more and more years to come 🙂
  2. My parents, mostly my father. Although he and i have not been seeing eye-to-eye on things lately, I am very much grateful of all that he has done for me.  Giving me all the things I could need, indulging my sometimes unnecessary wants (while shopping!) and mostly, for providing me with an education. I think that going to school & being able to achieve that degree (soon) is one of the best gifts he gave me.
  3. My sisters. They are both elder. They are my guides. As elder siblings are, they are very protective. They have taught me so many things and have given great advice. I wouldn’t be who I am without them. I am very thankful for all that they’ve done. The two of them are preparing me for proper adult life after school and I am very appreciative of that. Sometimes, it’s like they’re the ones raising me and I hope I don’t disappoint.
  4. My niece. I have a 7 year old niece. She turned so 15 days ago. Despite her age, she’s taught me a lot. She taught me to be kinder, wiser and more responsible. I am thankful that she is in our family… things would have been different otherwise. She is our glue. Our center. She’s very cute, too!
  5. The boyfriend. He just makes everything better. He always makes me laugh. He makes me happy. He encourages me. He berates me. He puts me in my place. He appreciates me. And he thinks I’m amazing, which is debatable. He’s always there for me no matter what. I am so so very thankful that I met him 6 years ago. My life wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t.
  6. My friends. They’ve brought me joy. They are always there. Always ready to listen whenever there are problems. Always there to share that super random joke. Always there to reminisce about old times and then not stop laughing about it. I am thankful for them for always being there. (If you read this, I love you, guys!)
  7. Surprisingly, the people who’ve done me wrong. The people who have been mean to me and who put me down. There are a few of them, I tell you, since grade school. Imagine that? LOL I am very much thankful for them because they’ve made me strong. They’ve made me realize that whatever they might say against me or about me, they can’t hurt me. I am stronger than that. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, eh?
  8. My mistakes. In a previous blog post, I shared my thoughts about regret. I am thankful for these mistakes. They are examples of what I mustn’t do ever ever again. They can help me move on, help me be better. Although a bad experience, it’s still a learning experience.
  9. Music. I am thankful for music. It’s the thing that I run to whenever I have problems. Music is my consign friend. It never fails to know exactly how I feel and it never fails to make me feel better.
  10. Photography. Weird, I know. How could I be thankful for that? Let me explain. See, I’ve never been the usual artsy type. The one that draws well, paints well, etc. I’ve never had the hands to  do those things. With photography, it gave me the means to be “an artist.” For me, art is a means of expressing yourself creatively. Photography (or my attempt at it) gave me that outlet and for that I am thankful.
  11. Technology. In the years that passed, technology was rapidly evolving. I remember when I was a kid, it felt cool to have a PC running Win98 at home. Win98! Then years passed, we got ourselves an internet connection and then came everything else. I am thankful for technology because it opened my eyes. It showed me what’s out there in the world. All the places to see, the billions of people, all kinds of food all over! It’s amazing. It’s funny how technology made the world seem small and accessible yet rather big and vast at the same time.
  12. My inspirations. There are many, so so many – from people to things to places. How? With not going into specifics, well, these things are my driving force. They give me motive and they inspire. Because of these, I am influenced to be the best and to do my best, to achieve certain things and to go certain places. I am thankful for them and for the push that they give.
  13. This blog. Without it, I’d never get to have an outlet for all my thoughts.
  14. YOU. My blog’s readers. Seeing my stats and knowing somebody viewed my blog always makes me smile. So, thank you, reader. You make my day whenever you click onto my blog.

So, happy birthday to me! Yey, 21!

Words from a not-so-teenager

Just last week, my older sister showed me this picture. She is 10 years my senior, so, I trust her & listen to her advice a lot. Anyway, she practically planted my face in front of the laptop’s screen just to read this little article.

image from Google

(I have a feeling this is going to be a heavy post. Pardon me if my thoughts are not organized.)

I am not a teenager anymore. In fact, I am turning 21 at the end of the month. At this age, I guess I have to “man-up.”

In my country, the Philippines, most 20 year olds have already finished university. I am one of those who got lagged behind. My slight delay in finishing my studies and the reasons behind it are a bit of a concern for my sister and the rest of my family. I think that they have this impression that I am too lax… that I don’t care. They assume that I am waiting on the world – waiting for it to give me something. I’m not, though.

They keep on telling me that I have great potential. I could succeed… if I only wanted to. That’s just it though, I do. I want to succeed. I want to “have it all.” I mean, who doesn’t, right?

I have asked myself hundreds of time as to where I would be after I finish my studies. And it terrifies me. Why? Because, I honestly don’t know where I’d be. I don’t have a concrete plan. I don’t know what kind of job I’d want or see myself in. I don’t know what it will be like and it’s scary not knowing. The future is scary.

But I do want to know. I want to know where I want to be. I want to know who I’m going to be. And putting pressure on me won’t help me see and decide.

I might not be as independent as expected but I would like to be. I want to someday soon be able to fend for myself. Stand on my own feet. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

I am graduating next semester. See there? I AM. I am sure of this. I don’t care if I jinx it or whatever. I will do this. I might not know where I’ll be but I know I’ll get there.

*Hey reader, if in any way you can relate to this post, I hope you will realize something that I have… The world does not owe me anything. The world has given me many things. I guess, it is up to me to use what its offered make something worthwhile.

“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.”
Bruce Barton


image from Tumblr.

Everyone has regrets. Everyone has made mistakes. I think there is no one on earth without one. There are things that you’ve done you’d rather you didn’t. Sad as that may be, that’s just how life goes, i guess.

There are those memories that would be best forgotten, you know? There are experiences that you just wish were just dreams – figments of your imagination; that you wish you could travel back in time and stop from happening. And when you look back, you ask yourself, “what were you thinking? were you even thinking?” I have a handful of them and i still berate myself whenever i get reminded of my regrets.

I think it’s natural to make mistakes and to regret them… but it would make everything, at least, slightly better if we learn from them. It would be worse if we committed mistakes then, in the future, commit the same ones again. That’s just plain stupid.

I’ve come to realize that yes, it would feel better if these bad memories are washed away from your head; that they would be erased forever and never to be known again but it would be best, I think, that these things be kept with you as you walk through life. For me, it’s a good thing to have reminders of your mistakes. These regrets, these mistakes, they keep us in check. They remind us of what we’ve done and they are examples of things to not do… again. Ever.

Yes, we make mistakes. Yes, we regret them. Yes, we’d rather we forget about them… but in reality, there’s very little chance we forget about them, so, just make good out of something perceived as bad and learn from them.

Don’t kill that memory. Keep it  and learn from it. I know I will.

Mistakes are sometimes the best memories.

It’s All in the Mind

Some photos I took when went out by myself late July… and yes, i had a mini food trip all by myself LOL

my name spelled right by the Starbucks barista. it makes me smile whenever that happens. weird, i know.
IT park 🙂
a lil birdie spying at the left overs at McDonald’s 🙂
french fries! nomnomnom 😀
the lights at YoGo Boy 🙂

I am an amateur. I know that. But it never hurts to practice and improve my skills.

It sucks that I always say this. I always tell myself that I have to practice to improve yet I cannot push myself to simply just do so. I may be too lazy or too tired or whatever. That shouldn’t be, now should it? If you want something, pursue it. When you pursue it, with all that you’ve got. If you want to achieve something, strive for it. Strive for it with all your might.

These thoughts are always in my head. I keep telling myself to just DO it. DO IT! But I don’t. Hopefully, this time around, I WILL.

Start out simply. I think.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Confucius 🙂

The Starting Line

very familiar graphic of a starting line

This would be my 3rd blogging account. Funny, right? I’ve always wanted to blog. So, I start one up yet as days pass, I just couldn’t find the time to post anything. Partly, maybe I just don’t have much to say.

My life tends to get rather dull. But I’ve realized that dull it may be, I should still write about it. That way, it wouldn’t be so boring. It can push me to not have a dull everyday life. It can push me to be adventurous and spontaneous. It can also help improve my photography skills or lack thereof.

Therefore, I declare that this be my personal blog wherein I can share my thoughts, rant on things, post my photography attempts and my adventures. (Hopefully, they aren’t that dull.)