My Bucket List

The Urban Dictionary defines it as “a list of things to do before you die.” Simple enough. But I’d rather it be “a list of things I want to do and achieve in life.” So out of sheer boredom and slight reflection on what I want to do with my life, I made this list.

This is a very very very rough draft. Some things are small, some are huge.  I might add more things in the future, we never know.

Upon reflection though, it seems I have already done a couple of things, so I am crossing them out. Yeah!

Things I want to do and achieve in life:

  1. discover and attain my true happiness
  2. have a spa-day and be pampered
  3. solve a Rubik’s cube back in my early years in college, it was a slow process but I did it!
  4. learn the basics of chess
  5. earn a Bachelor’s degree see here: Fruition: College Graduation.
  6. earn a Master’s degree
  7. earn a Doctorate degree
  8. get my dream job
  9. be subject of a photo shoot  twice, first for my 21st birthday and next for my sisters, my niece and I. more of these to come though.
  10. hone photography skills and have a photo displayed in a public place
  11. join a Photowalk went on a photowalk in downtown Cebu here: Photowalking.
  12. learn how to swim properly, even just the freestyle
  13. go dolphin or whale watching played “tag/hide-and-seek” with the dolphins in Panglao, Bohol (May 2013) see here: Dolphin Chase.
  14. see a real life platypus
  15. meet any of my favorite book’s authors: met Kiera Cass at her book signing event! more authors soon, hopefully!
  16. experience Autumn and/or Winter seasons first hand, i.e. see leaves turn red and fall, see and play in snow
  17. go ice skating
  18. take dance lessons for any proper ballroom dance
  19. see an Aurora Borealis with my own eyes
  20. see a fireworks show directly above me. is that even safe? LOL experienced this right at home on Chirstmas 2014 and New Year 2015
  21. go to Disneyland spent the whole day at Disneyland Hong Kong, see here: a day at Disneyland! spent three days in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySeahad a day in Disneyland Paris. more Disney, please!
  22. visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  23. go to at least 5 other places in the Philippines and be a tourist in my motherland. done: Bohol, Davao, Palawan! 🙂
  24. travel all over the world and visit as many foreign lands!



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