ciao, Italia – Day 1 in Bologna

Happy 2017, world! It’s the new year and I still haven’t finished posting about our trip to Europe. Slow and steady, huh? Here’s the next part ofour trip! (kinda chanelling Dora the Explorer there LOL)

On the last leg of our European trip, we spent most of our days roaming around the beautiful country that is Italy. If there’s one thing that is a must-do in Italy, it’s FOOD! And hence, that was our first stop. We went straight to Bologna – the largest city in Emilia-Romagna Region which is best know for their, wait for it, FOOD!

We decided to make Bologna our home base and travel from there to other cities, instead of hotel hopping. So, we secured an Airbnb and got to exploring! It was pretty convenient as well since the city of Bologna was in the middle of a few key cities that are a must-see when in Italy. Posts on those cities, soon.

Here are a few (more like a lot of!) snaps of our in Bologna.

When we checked in at our airbnb, it was already night time. What better way to kick start our days in Italy than with food? We stopped by the restaurant at the corner, Le Rosa. We kept on going back to the little ristorante for the next few days. It was reasonably priced and the food was very good. Suffice to say, we were happy!

the Ristorante Pizzeria at the street corner, Le Rose
When in Italy, eat pasta!
Hands down, the best lasagna I have ever eaten.
A simple caprese salad but with the freshest ingredients, so yum!

On our first day, we decided to go on a walking tour of the city, with food tasting, of course! We booked a walking tour with a local. What better way to get to know the place than to explore on your own two feet with the people who know it best?

On our way to the city center of Bologna…
…trying to figure out the directions LOL

Basiica di San Petronio at the Piazza Maggiore

This little street was filled with food, food, food
We ate some gelato (of course!) while waiting for our guide to arrive.

Out and about with our guide

the oldest university
they studied Human Anatomy there

If you haven’t noticed, there were arches everywhere!

We stopped for a bite to eat. Oh, Parmaiggiano! 😍 Best cheese ever!
We had some cold cuts, yum mortadella…
…and some wine!
and soda for the lone kiddie!
The Two Towers
Look! They’re kissing!

Our guide showed us the one and only visible canal in Bologna. All other canals have been covered by the roads and sidewalks.

Our last stop for our walking tour, gelato!

That was Day 1 in Italy! More posts to come soon-ish! *fingers crossed*


Looking back and moving forward.

The month of August has always been a turning point in my life essentially because it is my birth month. I turn a year older every year as the month ends. But there are so many things that make 2013’s August different from the years that have passed.

Firstly, on the month’s very first day, I got hired. It is my very first job. For being a sheltered youngest daughter of the family, actually getting hired was a big deal. In the couple of weeks that I’ve been at the office, things couldn’t have been better professionally. My actual job utilizes things I’ve slaved over in university. I count myself lucky because of that. Finding that job vacancy with a job description that actually involves something I’ve studied was extremely serendipitous.

Secondly, I’ve been feeling a bit of heart-ache the past few weeks. As they say, some things just aren’t meant to be. With that, though, I’ve learned so many things. I have learned that relationships need a lot of work. Affection and feeling are never enough for everything to work out. I have come to realize that letting go can also mean growing up. After all, the only constant thing in life is change and I have come to accept that the change needed now is the one thing that has always been there for years. Yes, it’s very hard for me to think that this person will not be there anymore but that’s how life is. Change. This is the change I need. The change I need to be better and to grow.

Lastly, I’m turning a year older next week. Age-wise, I’m an adult.  I’m not a teenager anymore. All the dreaming, wishing, hoping and the “when I grow up…” statements can actually be fulfilled.

The situations in my life lately have pushed me to look at the bigger picture and forced me to see things clearly. This made me see what I want in life, especially in the near future. I’ve set goals in my head. Although some are petty, each of these goals are things for me to strive to gain so that I can improve myself and my life. I have realized that things I have dreamed about before can be achieved now, with hard work and time. I feel as though I can do anything I could ever want to do. That feeling is so liberating. It is as if nothing can stop me. And I won’t let anything do that. I won’t let anything or anyone hold me back and keep me from attaining all my goals and making my dreams come true.

Let’s Celebrate!

After the stress and hardships brought about by our years in college and mostly by our thesis project, last night, we were given the chance to let our hair down and celebrate our triumph of overcoming the struggles.

credits to Khenn Cagot

Last night was one of those rare nights. So rare that it was the first one ever for me and for a lot of people. It was our Seniors’ Ball, with the theme: Closing the Chapter, Celebrating the Night, held at the Oakridge Pavilion. The first of its kind for the Department of Computer Science. It is rather fitting, too, for our senior class is the pioneering batch of our study.

the place was prepped.
the stage is set.

As per usual, the Dynacom Council planned the event and it went off without a hitch. (Well, there was a set back behind the scenes, but this post isn’t about that.)

The seniors paraded into the event in their best outfits. Everyone was asked to dress to the nines, and didn’t disappoint.

them pretty ladies
also, this was me all prettied up
also, this was me all prettied up…
in high heels!

The food was great, too. I was supposed to go for second helpings yet the food was gone before I got there. LOL

There were awards, too, of course. Shockingly, I was nominated for one. (And when I got on the stage, all I thought was “what? oh wow. why?!”)

Naturally, speeches were made and tears were almost shed. A highlight of the night was when we honored the “Mother of the Batch.” She is a great teacher and also a friend to her students. She inspired us. She also pushed us to do our best and not to give up. I’ve experienced this first-hand. She is partly the reason why I get to receive my diploma tomorrow and not this summer nor next semester. I will forever be grateful to her. 🙂

best teacher ever, Ms. Joan Tero
best teacher ever and Mother of the Batch, Ms. Joan Tero

Enough of the mushy stuff, though. Back to the festivities!

After all the awards were given, the band got set up and it was time for the after party. Everyone danced and sang and partied to their heart’s content while I walked about and took their pictures!

the band.
my friends and their dates. i was fifth wheel. LOL
my friends and their dates. I was fifth wheel. LOL
last pic I took before I was whisked away by the family to go home. LOL

Suffice to say, last night will be one for the books… I can’t wait for tomorrow. Next time I post, I’ll be a college graduate. YEAH!