ciao Italia – one short day in Firenze

After exploring Bologna and Venice, we hopped on a train from Bologna to Firenze.

Florence is a very rich city in Italy, in both art and history. There are numerous museums in Florence that are home to many masterpieces. Although we did not venture into any of the said museums (long lines!), the architecture in the city itself was wonderful to behold.

We had a day to just walk about the streets of Florence. We saw the iconic Duomo, Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiorewhich surprisingly had green and pink hued walls. We wandered the streets and observed the yellow painted buildings. We stopped by a cute little retaurant that was next to a bell tower that chimed the hour to have pizza and pasta for lunch. We ate our gelato and sipped on melted granitas as we explored the city. We looked on at the statues that lined the piazzas. We shopped for some Italian leather goods, which Florence is known for. We went inside a scoula that taught people how to create the said leather goods. And we also said “hi!” to a replica of Pinocchio, a puppet who wanted to be a real boy, whose story originated in this Tuscan city.


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