so, this is what it feels like…

to finally come up for air after you’ve been pulled under water

to finally exhale that breath you’ve been holding in

to finally break out from the prison you’ve been caged in

to finally open your eyes and see what was invisible to you after you’ve been blind for so long

to finally see that the world has been waiting on you to just let go.

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ciao, Italia – Day 2 in Bologna

It only goes to show that not everything will go as planned when one travels. Always, always be prepared for whatever happens. Sticking to the planned out itinerary is good but what if something comes up? Like, let’s say, the Gelato Museum you planned on visiting that day just closed for the season. Yeah, do some thorough research but also be flexible and roll with the punches.

After our jam-packed and super warm day in Venice, we decided to have a chill day back in Bologna, so, we decided to just go to the city center and see what it had to offer… our stomachs! Because that plan to visit the Gelato Museum didn’t push through, we went where we could and stuffed our faces. Fun times! Pasta, granita and, yes, gelato!