ciao, Italia – Venezia!

It’s one of the most unique places in the world. With it’s rich history and culture, Venice is definitely a place you must visit.

The first thing the comes to mind when someone says “Venice” is, of course, the gondolas. It’s a very unique site to see, there are no roads, just canals; no cars, just boats. Other than that, Venice is a very picturesque city, as all Italian cities.

We decided to take a train ride to Venice for a day, to see what it was all about. Italy is a country that’s easily travelled by train. It can get quite expensive but if you book ahead, you can get some good deals.

When we arrived in Venice, suffice to say, it was HOT! This was mid-August and it was super hot, like middle-of-summer-in-the-Philippines hot. Add a huge crowd of tourists (which we were a part of), it can be quite a disappointment. The boats were packed with people, which makes it super convenient for those nasty pickpockets. My sister almost had her stuff stolen. She noticed someone slowly opening the zipper on her bag and thank God she did! She stared the guy down, so he just moved on and got off at the next stop. We’ve been warned about pickpockets in Italy, but since Venice is a major tourist attraction, there were certainly a lot there!

Other than that, it was a fun trip. We had fun taking pictures all over and I must say, I think these photos are some of the better ones from our whole trip. Venice is just that pretty. Here are photos of our day in Venezia!

We have our tickets! Let’s go!



You’re in Venice, for sure!


a parking space for gondolas? LOL


Sorry, random people! I have to take a picture!
The Bridge of Sighs – this is the bridge where convicts pass through before their execution. Fun, eh? 
Piazza San Marco


Basilica di San Marco
St. Mark’s Basilica
Campanile di San Marco
Lunch time!
We grabbed a bite at the oldest cafe in the world – Cafe Florian.
It was a tourist trap but hey, desserts!
At least, I get to say that I had lunch at the oldest cafe in the world. That counts for something, right? LOL
Rialto Bridge – one of the bridges that cross the Grand Canal


“Sikit-sikiti lang!” This was in the boat to Murano. It was like being in a tightly packed jeepney back in Cebu, comes with pickpockets, too! Felt right at home! Just kidding! 
Glass blowing demo in Murano.
The finished product, well almost, it has to cool first. Let me point out, that after the demonstration, we spent a lot of time in the gift shop. Got a pair of glass earrings, too! Hmm, wonder if they had glass slippers?
Picture time!


By the time we were in the boat ride back to the “main land”, since Murano was a bit farther out to sea, we were drained.
Of course, PIZZA!
Now, back to Bologna! 

The day went by so fast in Venice. Although we didn’t get to see most of the place, it was amazing being just there. I would want to go back someday, when it’s cooler, and explore the city some more.

More Italy adventures to come! Thanks for browsing through!






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