ciao, Italia – Day 1 in Bologna

Happy 2017, world! It’s the new year and I still haven’t finished posting about our trip to Europe. Slow and steady, huh? Here’s the next part ofour trip! (kinda chanelling Dora the Explorer there LOL)

On the last leg of our European trip, we spent most of our days roaming around the beautiful country that is Italy. If there’s one thing that is a must-do in Italy, it’s FOOD! And hence, that was our first stop. We went straight to Bologna – the largest city in Emilia-Romagna Region which is best know for their, wait for it, FOOD!

We decided to make Bologna our home base and travel from there to other cities, instead of hotel hopping. So, we secured an Airbnb and got to exploring! It was pretty convenient as well since the city of Bologna was in the middle of a few key cities that are a must-see when in Italy. Posts on those cities, soon.

Here are a few (more like a lot of!) snaps of our in Bologna.

When we checked in at our airbnb, it was already night time. What better way to kick start our days in Italy than with food? We stopped by the restaurant at the corner, Le Rosa. We kept on going back to the little ristorante for the next few days. It was reasonably priced and the food was very good. Suffice to say, we were happy!

the Ristorante Pizzeria at the street corner, Le Rose
When in Italy, eat pasta!
Hands down, the best lasagna I have ever eaten.
A simple caprese salad but with the freshest ingredients, so yum!

On our first day, we decided to go on a walking tour of the city, with food tasting, of course! We booked a walking tour with a local. What better way to get to know the place than to explore on your own two feet with the people who know it best?

On our way to the city center of Bologna…
…trying to figure out the directions LOL

Basiica di San Petronio at the Piazza Maggiore

This little street was filled with food, food, food
We ate some gelato (of course!) while waiting for our guide to arrive.

Out and about with our guide

the oldest university
they studied Human Anatomy there

If you haven’t noticed, there were arches everywhere!

We stopped for a bite to eat. Oh, Parmaiggiano! 😍 Best cheese ever!
We had some cold cuts, yum mortadella…
…and some wine!
and soda for the lone kiddie!
The Two Towers
Look! They’re kissing!

Our guide showed us the one and only visible canal in Bologna. All other canals have been covered by the roads and sidewalks.

Our last stop for our walking tour, gelato!

That was Day 1 in Italy! More posts to come soon-ish! *fingers crossed*


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