Growing up with Disney and the Princesses, I’ve always wanted to see palaces and have been curious on how it would have been like to live in one. Being a reader, I gravitate to fantastical or historical stories involving mighty cruel villains, charming yet mysterious princes, strong and beautiful heroines set in magical lands – all wrapped up in the typical happy ending. (“Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!” – Belle, from Beauty and the Beast) Being a bit of a romantic, I guess, I kind of wanted to be in a fairy tale.

I’ve always wanted to see Paris – the romanticized City of Light, and Versailles, with the Chateau and the Gardens where French royalty once presided. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site. So, it was no surprise that my historically curious romantic self was quite giddy on this day. I tried to reign the excitement a bit, but I couldn’t help but be in awe of what I saw.

As it is a very touristy place, it was expected to be super crowded and it was. The line just to the entrance was a mile long so we did a skip-the-line tour that lets you skip the line (duh). The tour package also had audio guides for which narrated bits of information in each room we went to inside the palace. It was all very interesting – to see the walls, the paintings, the furniture, the history! It was magnificent and opulent and a bit overwhelming. It was just too much of everything that I couldn’t comprehend how such things came to be hundreds of years ago because of man ( and man’s desires).

The tickets we booked also included access to the gardens, which we went to first. On a side note, it would be amazing to have photo shoots there! Even just in the gardens! I don’t think it’s allowed though. Speaking of photos, here are some that I took on our day trip to Versailles. Please note the captions. 🙂

This was outside the train station. Most buildings looked like this – like there was a theme!
Cobble stones – I learned are pretty for pictures, bad for walking on.


When in France, have crepes for lunch – Le Carré aux Crêpes!
They had set meals – with cider!
The set meal includes a choice of savory crepe, “savoury galettes”.


The set meal had a choice of dessert, too. This one was for my niece’s kid’s meal.
Of course, creme brulee!
Chateau de Versailles
Jardin de Versailles
Hello, fellow tourists! Let’s explore the gardens! These gardens were huge! We were given a map and we didn’t get to go to all parts.


It was raining that day. Thanks to the handy umbrellas from our Airbnb hosts! 🙂
had a bit of fun chanelling Mary Poppins with the umbrella

waiting for our tour of the Palace
Looks rich, non?


mirror selfie in the Hall of Mirrors
Gold, gold, gold.


Lots of gold trimming

Totally unexpected! Laduree by the gift shops! Ahh!


Nothing like macarons to end the tour! See my extra happy face.


Our day didn’t end there. Here’s a peak on where we went to next! Any guesses? It’s quite obvious.

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