I am grateful for…

Week 5 List Prompt: What are you grateful for?

Five weeks into this, great!

What am I grateful for? So many things! Here are a few…

  • My family – their love, support and guidance
  • My good friends – no matter how much time has passed or how far the distance, they will be there
  • Opportunities
  • My education
  • Having my wishes come true
  • For the chance to see the world and to see it with the people I love most
  • Weekends
  • My job – it’s my way of earning
  • All the books and all the authors! You make the world a richer place
  • Coffee and desserts!
  • Love – because, love.
  • Pain, because I would have never felt and I would never learn
  • My mistakes – they helped shape who I am today
  • Life  and getting to wake up each day
  • Good health and good life
  • Internet! It makes things so much easier.
  • Music
  • People who work hard and achieve. They are inspirations and they make the world a better place.

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