Dreams and Goals

Week 4 List Prompt: List your current & future goals and dreams

Hmm. I’ve always been a dreamer – a romantic. I’ve dived into so many fiction books and let my mind wander. I’ve always believed in my skills. Put those together, I have many things I want to achieve in life. Here are a few that come to mind…

Live my life to the fullest
Get that promotion! Be professionally successful.
Earn more than enough to live a comfortable life
Get those graduate and post-grad degrees.
Spend my days with the one I love most.
Travel to: France, Italy, London, NY.. to all the continents!
See an Aurora Borealis
Experience the fall season somewhere foreign
See a Broadway show in New York
Go to all the Disneyland Parks with my family
Visit the Wizarding World of HP and Warner Bros.’ HP studios
Be healthy and stay healthy
Get married and build my dream house with my dream library – walls covered in books
Be an admirable person, someone that others look up to and emulate
To stay compassionate and always understanding
To always be open minded
To never stop striving for knowledge, never stop learning
Have all my dreams come true?
Be the person my family would be proud of


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