The Greatest Comforts

Week 2 List Prompt: List your greatest comforts.

At the start of this blog post, as type everything out, I think there are very few things that comfort me – very few yet meaningful things. They wouldn’t be comforting if they didn’t mean anything.

On with the list…

A warm cup of coffee
Warm hugs from people I love most in the world
Complete and utter silence
Reading and finishing a good “i-don’t-care-if-i-lack-sleep-good” kind of book
Quality time with my family
Watching the world pass by as I commute
The smell of the rain
The smell of books, new and old
Knowing that there are a select few out there who are good and true friends
Knowing what I am capable of and all the good things I have achieved

Clearly, it’s not the longest of lists. I wonder, what does that say about me?


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