Hong Kong 2015

After months and months and months of these pictures in storage, they are now sorted and ready for posting! Yey!

At the end of 2015, the family decided to have a different kind of Disney experience. This Hong Kong trip was, more or less, about that – Christmas at Disneyland. The theme park changes their decor to reflect the season. We have experienced Easter at Tokyo Disney and now, Christmas at Hong Kong Disneyland. Apart from a fun day at the happiest place on earth, we also explored the bustling city. We had to go to the typical tourist attractions as it was the first time for the parents to set foot in Asia’s World City.

For me, Hong Kong is one of those places I won’t get tired of going. Even though this was the second time I went, I won’t hesitate to go back, given the chance. It’s both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. I would be totally comfortable around the city but still be in awe of the new things I get to discover.

Here are the pictures I took, although atypical, I thinks it’s the memories and the experience that matter most, as a traveler. These pictures are reminders of the times spent on a new yet familiar place. I’ve also included some of the photos I posted on Instagram. 🙂

_MG_3136 copy1

_MG_3141 copy2
Octopus Card for easy commute



_MG_3144 copy3_MG_3185 copy5_MG_3198 copy6

_MG_3205 copy7
Mak’s Noodles @ The Peak Galleria
_MG_3263 copy8
Camera’s at the ready!
_MG_3282 copy9
Hello again, Disneyland!

_MG_3294 copy10

_MG_3298 copy11_MG_3305 copy12

_MG_3308 copy14_MG_3307 copy13_MG_3320 copy15


_MG_3327 copy16
Oh, Christmas Tree!


_MG_3337 copy17

_MG_3348 copy18
Buns, buns, buns.

_MG_3373 copy19_MG_3393 copy20_MG_3401 copy21_MG_3407 copy23_MG_3412 copy24_MG_3429 copy26

_MG_3465 copy30_MG_3451 copy29_MG_3445 copy28_MG_3434 copy27

Festival of the Lion King – a must see at Hong Kong Disney!

_MG_3469 copy31_MG_3489 copy32

Happy 10 year anniversary to Hong Kong Disneyland!


Paint the Night Parade


King Triton!

_MG_3616 copy42_MG_3622 copy44

_MG_3682 copy45

Starbucks red cups!
_MG_3692 copy46
Out and about at night.

_MG_3695 copy47_MG_3702 copy48_MG_3725 copy49

Victoria Harbor, an HK must!

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