As a new year begins…

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything on this blog. And there is one more set of pictures that I should have uploaded. But as it is the first day of teh new year, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that passed.

2014 was, in it’s entirety, amazing. I feel so utterfly blessed.

The year went by so fast but looking back, I wouldn’t do anything else differently. There were so many changes in the past year and I welcomed them with open arms.

My family and I went to many places. From abroad to local, it’s been an adventure with them, and as the famly grows larger in number, I can’t wait for more travels and more fun times with the people the mean most to me in the world.

Many of my relationships have been through a roller coaster. With breakups and makeups through those months, it made me see what I’m capable of and how weak yet strong I could be. It made me realize the value of friendship and how I can lose a piece of myself when these relations are broken. All these ups and downs made me realize how much worth there is in a person, including myself, and how we should always value people dear to us and never fail to show them how much.

I’m super thankful for all that happened the past year because it led me to where I am today – happy, with a heart full of love and hope.

May 2015 give us all the best things! Happy New Year!



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