A few months back (July is so not just “a few months back”!), a couple of office mates and I went on a bit of a road trip on the South of Cebu We spent most of our afternoon in the Simala Shrine in Sibonga, Cebu, seeking “divine intervention”. I’ve always wanted to go, I just never had the chance.

The Simala Shrine is one of the most visited and sacred churches in Cebu as it houses a miraculous figure of the Virgin Mary. It’s a very solemn place, as expected, but also quite beautiful. You should visit, take the time to reflect and pray. See the testimonies of people who claimed to have experienced miracles after praying to the Virgin. Maybe, you’ll experience a miracle of your very own?

As always, I brought my camera along with me and I am finally, finally sharing the photos. They’re mostly pictures from the outside and of the copper statues depicting the Stations of the Cross as i didn’t want to disturb the solemnity of the goings-on inside.

01-_MG_7722 16-_MG_7830 15-_MG_7822 14-_MG_7821 13-_MG_7820 12-_MG_7818 11-_MG_7807 10-_MG_7796 09-_MG_7788 08-_MG_7786 07-_MG_7785 06-_MG_7783 05-_MG_7781 04-_MG_7752 03-_MG_7728 02-_MG_7725


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