Tokyo, a Photo Diary – Day 1

Two weeks ago, the whole family went to Tokyo, Japan for 6 days. Can you say FUN? So, after sorting through the thousands of pictures taken with my camera, I have finally chosen some for posting. Slowly but surely, I will be placing them here in my humble blog.

This specific post is dedicated for our first day in Tokyo. As we arrived early in the afternoon at Narita Airport, first on the agenda was lunch (sushi! in Japan!)  and then, of course, Tokyo Disney Resort. See our priorities? No shame, though!

Getting to Tokyo Disney Resort was a bit of an adventure. We had to take the train there and we got lost a lot. As we walked to the station, there was a bit of confusion on navigating the maps. So to not waste anymore time, we decided to take a bus to the station instead. Confused with how much to pay for the fare, we ended up paying more than the actual amount. Oh, well. As we went inside the station, it totally slipped our minds that it was near rush hour. So, it was pretty crowded and we were standing the whole ride. Fun times for our first train ride in Japan, eh? Still, it was amazing how organized it all was.

Getting off the train, I was all giddy inside especially when a sign saying “Welcome to Tokyo Disney Resort” with Minnie & Mickey Mouse’s faces greeted me. I was literally skipping all the way to the entrance.

Tokyo Disney Resort is actually two theme parks: Disneyland and DisneySea. Before the actual trip, it was planned that we go to Disneyland for our first afternoon in TDR. With that, we already had a list of which places to hit. But since we got there at night, most rides had super long waiting times, so those plans were botched. Luckily enough, we got there right on time for the Dream Lights Parade. After that, we still had a few hours to kill until closing, we got on a bunch of other rides (with 5 minute wait times or none at all). Goes to show that no matter how much you plan things, there are still curve balls here and there. Best to be prepared!

And after all that rambling, here are the said photos. They are mediocre at best but they remind me of my experience which is what pictures should do, I think. Here you go!


















20140417-_MG_5976] 20140417-_MG_6031





And I realized that I am no good at taking photographs at night. Must practice! Also, photos from my mobile are more “informative.” Maybe I should post them, too? Hmmm. Till the next one, then! 🙂


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