(Let It All) Go.

Warning! This is the result of bad dreams, feeling conflicted and finding resolution. And no, it’s not related to Disney’s Frozen. LOL


Relationships are hard. Being part of a serious relationship is hard work. Sometimes, you pour in, not just your efforts and your love, but blood, sweat and especially, tears. Sometimes, it can feel like magic, that you thank the forces-that-be for giving you your own piece of heaven. When it’s like that and it all comes falling apart at the end, it feels like nothing is ever going to be okay, that life will never be the same and all you can do is curl yourself up in a ball, sleep and wish you wouldn’t wake up. You want to forget everything about that person, everything that you shared.

But you can’t; that’s not how it goes. Life just goes on the way it always has. You retain your memories, you feel the hurt and you live with it. Hopefully, eventually, you’ll get over it.

And you do, at least, you think you do. After the break up, you cut off all times – block in all forms of social media, block the number on the mobile phone. Just block. You focus on more important things: work, family, friends. But, sometimes, you wonder.  “What if I reach out now? What if we just talked things out? Do you think about us, still? Do you ever think about me? Do you miss me?” And this pushes you to type in the cellphone number, which you’ve unfortunately memorized and you wait until you hear that familiar voice on the other end of the line. And you get your answers. And they break you even more.

You push yourself more, to move on, to forget. That person isn’t worth it. And you do, it seems like you do, because you found a new love – an amazing new love. That person was all you ever asked for. That person put you back together, returned the light back in your eyes, and made your smile real. That person loves you and you love that person in return.

But the past caught up with you, reached out to you, asking another chance, wanting you back. And you want to give in, yet don’t want to give in. You have your new love. But you don’t say no, you say, maybe. Now, you talk again, chat on social media, share stories, have a laugh, but it all turns out to be fake. They actually don’t want to get back with you, they just want you, for you to be there but without any obligations. To have the benefits of a relationship without actually being in one. So, you cut it off, again. For one last time.

Now, you and your new love are better than ever. You find your happiness. Your relationship is one great adventure. You go on trips, make your own memories, share everything with each other.

Months pass, there’s a trigger. You’ve been blocked on the only connection you had in social media, back when they reached out. The minute you find out, you know, you just know, the one from your past has found someone new. And you’re scared. You’re shaking, you’re hurt, you feel betrayed. Why? You aren’t in love with that person. You aren’t in a relationship anymore. It’s been weeks since you’ve last been in contact. So, why?

Now, you realize why. You were hoping. A very tiny part of you was hoping that one day, someday, it’ll still be the two of you riding off into the sunset. You hope you will have your happy ending. The hopeless romantic in you was hoping, wishing that your epic love story has a happy ending. But it isn’t right. You know that it’s not. That person was never good for you. Yes, you were given a chance to experience bliss, but that also came with heartbreak while you were together. Your head knows all this. Your head and your heart are for your new love now. But there’s still a part of you that’s holding on and hoping.

And now, it’s time to let go, for good. It’s the best thing for you and every one else involved. Letting go of the past will make you even happier in the present and in your future. In letting go, there is peace. So, let it all go.

Your new love, who is very understanding, is patiently waiting for you – waiting to be given a chance to have your own little piece of heaven on earth, waiting to show you how a relationship should really be like, waiting to just be with you and love you in the best way, waiting for you to do the same. Now, go.


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