As the year ends…

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything substantial and blog worthy. (It’s funny how my end-of-the-year post last year started out this way, too.) With the year drawing to a close, it seemed appropriate to, at least, write something about the year and about the things I want to do on the next one.

In its totality, 2013 wasn’t that good for me. Compared to previous ones, I think I shed more tears this year. I felt a lot of failures, disappointments and sadness. The year was also a year of growth and change. A few changes broke my heart but I still managed to get by and placed a genuine smile on my face. A couple of these changes were for the better, though – a few stars in a very dark night.

Despite that though, the year had its milestones. I checked off a lot of things off my bucket list. A few of my wishes came true. A lot of plans came through. I achieved a good number things and am very proud of myself. Looking back, I would rather focus on the positive and face the upcoming year that way.

2013 taught me that no matter how sad you might feel or even if it seems like nothing will get better, it will. It will pass. Even if it feels like your whole world is destroyed, it isn’t. Things do get better and you come out a better person out of it. You just need to be brave, resilient and optimistic. A little help from loved ones doesn’t hurt either.

The year made me realize that when you open your own personal hypothetical Pandora’s box, don’t forget to look for hope inside it. As in the tale, when the box was opened, numerous bad things came into the world but hope was there, too.

So, in 2014, for all that is to come and whatever awaits me, I hope to greet them all with a great big smile. 🙂