Looking back and moving forward.

The month of August has always been a turning point in my life essentially because it is my birth month. I turn a year older every year as the month ends. But there are so many things that make 2013’s August different from the years that have passed.

Firstly, on the month’s very first day, I got hired. It is my very first job. For being a sheltered youngest daughter of the family, actually getting hired was a big deal. In the couple of weeks that I’ve been at the office, things couldn’t have been better professionally. My actual job utilizes things I’ve slaved over in university. I count myself lucky because of that. Finding that job vacancy with a job description that actually involves something I’ve studied was extremely serendipitous.

Secondly, I’ve been feeling a bit of heart-ache the past few weeks. As they say, some things just aren’t meant to be. With that, though, I’ve learned so many things. I have learned that relationships need a lot of work. Affection and feeling are never enough for everything to work out. I have come to realize that letting go can also mean growing up. After all, the only constant thing in life is change and I have come to accept that the change needed now is the one thing that has always been there for years. Yes, it’s very hard for me to think that this person will not be there anymore but that’s how life is. Change. This is the change I need. The change I need to be better and to grow.

Lastly, I’m turning a year older next week. Age-wise, I’m an adult.  I’m not a teenager anymore. All the dreaming, wishing, hoping and the “when I grow up…” statements can actually be fulfilled.

The situations in my life lately have pushed me to look at the bigger picture and forced me to see things clearly. This made me see what I want in life, especially in the near future. I’ve set goals in my head. Although some are petty, each of these goals are things for me to strive to gain so that I can improve myself and my life. I have realized that things I have dreamed about before can be achieved now, with hard work and time. I feel as though I can do anything I could ever want to do. That feeling is so liberating. It is as if nothing can stop me. And I won’t let anything do that. I won’t let anything or anyone hold me back and keep me from attaining all my goals and making my dreams come true.


Kiera Cass Book Signing

On August 4th, that is 2 weekends ago, before the world of employment grabbed me with its claws and didn’t let go, New York Times Best-selling Author Kiera Cass graced the Philippines with her presence. All thanks to National Book Store, fans of the Selection Trilogy had the chance to meet the author and have their books signed.


It is not a likely occurrence here in the Philippines to have an acclaimed author visit and have book signings. It just didn’t happen. So, I was not going to pass up the opportunity, especially since I have read the first two books of Cass’ trilogy and I plan to read the last one when it comes out. I should also point out that I have read a companion novella to the trilogy, too. Yes, obviously, I am a fan.


As a self-proclaimed avid reader, the concept of a dystopian romance was quite appealing especially around that time when most dystopian books I’ve read were about death and destruction. Reading about America Singer and her boy problems  was quite refreshing.

The Selection trilogy, as most people have thought it, is the Bachelor meets the Hunger Games… but not totally. Ms. Cass explained that her inspiration was the story of Esther from the bible and Cinderella. She thought of a girl who didn’t want to be a princess but became one. A girl from every province would be picked to be part of the Selection where the prince, Maxon, would choose his bride. She also thought, what if Cinderella had already fallen in love before she met Prince Charming? At the beginning of the books, America has already fallen in love with a boy named Aspen and hopes to marry him. The books are good reads especially if you’re a romantic, like me.

On the book signing event, National Book Store had a bit of a Q and A with Kiera Cass. I have to say that she is very bubbly and charismatic. I could tell that she totally loved her work, her fans and the books fans.

Around 400 people attended the event in Ayala Center Cebu, so the wait for the actual signing was quite long. It was all worth the wait though. I don’t know anyone who can claim that they’ve spoken to a NYT best-selling author.



me with author, Kiera Cass

This thing should be on my  bucket list, yes.

*mediocre pics because I did not bring a proper camera 😦