For when you’re feeling down…

There are times when circumstance forces you to evaluate everything in your life. You question almost everything. Why did that happen? What does it mean? What’s going to happen now? If something happened that was significant enough to alter a little bit of you unexpectedly, you tend to question that event. You think and think. You go over every small detail just to see where things changed, if it could have been avoided. You beat yourself up over it. You blame yourself; you blame others. You become sad and down. You become pessimistic. You’ll feel that things will never look up and not get better. 😦

I’ve realized that feeling that way is very understandable. Hey, something drastic happened to you. It may have damaged you, in a big way or not, but it affected you in some way. It’s expected to feel low… but it shouldn’t end there. Things do get better. Albeit, now, it doesn’t feel like it will but it will.

Remember, the world is vast and full of possibilities.  There is always something new. Fate dealt you a bad hand, so, there’s a chance fate will deal you a good one, right?