Hey, HK!

So far, this year, I’ve experienced a lot of firsts. My first ever plane ride and my first trip overseas are now added to the list.

Last weekend, I went to Hong Kong with my sisters, brother-in-law, and niece. We stayed there for two days and, boy, did we make the most out of those two measly days. This trip had been planned for months. It amazes me just how fast we blew through those two days.

As expected, one has to do touristy things while abroad. Having been up at 6am and ready to go out within the next hour, we walked around the vicinity of our hotel, looking for an authentic Hong Kong style breakfast. After fueling ourselves for the day, we went to Ocean Park to see the animals (PANDAS! PENGUINS!). The park was huge! And yes, to my slight dismay, we rode the cable car. By mid-afternoon, we decided we’ve had enough and went to Victoria Peak to get a glimpse of the city from there. Later, we went to The Avenue of Stars to rest a bit and prepare for the lights show in the evening. We were so tired by then that standing up was a pain. Thank goodness there was a Starbucks there! Coffee just makes everything better. LOL After the lights show, we went to Temple Street for a late dinner and shopping at the night market. What else were we tourists to do, huh? 🙂

Roaming around Hong Kong, I saw how different it is from here back at home. It made me want to see even what other places in the globe have to offer.























This post contains a few of the photographic evidence of our first day in Hong Kong, as the second day was dedicated to Disneyland, of course!

*all photos in this post are taken by me!


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