On the family’s weekend trip to Bohol, other than dolphin watching and taking pictures of butterflies at Sagbayan Peak, I got to do something I thought I’d never ever do.

Here’s the thing. I am sort of afraid of heights. I don’t get panic attacks or anything but I get a serious case of vertigo whenever I look down from certain heights. And it’s embarrassing, really.

How embarrassing? Well, just think, you’re on the 4th floor of the mall, standing nearby the balcony/fence thing, you look down at the rotunda and you get dizzy looking all the way down to children’s play area on the ground level of the said mall. (If you’re familiar with the Ayala Mall in Cebu City, you can picture the scene out.) Vertigo on the 4th floor. Lame, much?

Honestly, I was never afraid of heights before. It wasn’t until that little escapade of my friends and I to St. James Amusement Park that the fear made itself known. Having gone on rides that went high up in the air made me scared of heights afterwards. Pathetic, eh?

From all the bouts of vertigo that occurred ever since then, I firmly resolved to never go on rides or do anything that involves going up to high places. (I’m even scared to look down when I’m riding an escalator.) I am a huge coward, I know.

So, whenever someone mentions “zip lines,” which are becoming a thing here in adventure parks, I always decline and make an excuse. “I’ll be the one to take your pictures! It’s a waste of money! Blah blah blah…”

Well, as I mentioned, on the weekend trip to Bohol, we went to the Loboc Adventure Park. And no, I did not ride on a zip line! I didn’t have the guts for that. Instead, everyone rode on the Cable Car. I know… Where’s the sense of adventure? Where’s the thrill? Yeah, I opted for the easy way out.

But you know what, I was happy with it. I stepped up. I mean, from getting scared at looking down from escalators and 4th floor balconies to riding an open cable car a hundred meters above the ground and around 420 meters across –  it’s a show of courage for lil old me!

the view across
the view across
the view from the side
the view from the side
the view below
the view below

Unlike those pesky zip lines, the ride went by at a snail’s pace. You’d have the chance to take in the scenery and everything (i.e. look down at the river below). The whole ride, going to one side and back, was around 6 minutes. That’s a long time! And in those 6 minutes, I got comfortable with being up that high and I didn’t experience even a little bit of vertigo. Yey for me!

Does this mean I’m over my fear? Maybe, maybe not. I’d rather not dwell on that but focus on the fact that I got over the fear, even just once. In those 6 minutes, I was free from being scared. That is a feat in itself, wouldn’t you think so?

So, after this post of me rambling about, I leave you with a quote from Veronica Roth’s Divergent:

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”


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