Butterflies in the Dome

Among the many things my family and I did in our Bohol trip last weekend, one of which was Dolphin watching, we also went to Sagbayan Peak. It is a park wherein you could also get a glimpse of the famous Chocolate Hills, which i don’t have a picture of here. This post is dedicated to the Butterfly Dome in Sagbayan Peak.

As a photography newbie, it is obligatory to have a handful of insect and/or flower photos… I think. You have to practice on something, right? To be honest, I’ve had an obsession with butterflies for the longest time. I just find them so beautiful. Their wings are just so pretty. Don’t you think so?

Anyway, here are some pictures i took of the said subjects. And yes, I did edit them a bit in Lightroom.

_MG_8933-3 copy

_MG_8873-2 copy

_MG_8919 copy

_MG_8984-3 copy

_MG_9001 copy

_MG_9023 copy

_MG_9083 copy

_MG_9092 copy

_MG_8966 copy


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