Fruition: College Graduation.

Something rather significant and life altering occurred this weekend – I graduated! Hooray for me and to my fellow graduates.

receiving my diploma from the dean. huzzah!
little me receiving my diploma from the dean. huzzah!

After five years of slaving away in university, it all came to fruition.

Within the said five years, I have come to meet and get to know both people and things that have impacted me greatly. Within those five years, I have gotten to know myself better, matured and improved in a lot of ways. To my amazing group of friends who have been there through thick and thin throughout the years; to both sets of officers who I served with; to my OJT-mates who made the introduction to office life fun; to the people who thought ill of me and brought me down  (yes them, too); the teachers who challenged me and my classmates; to the boyfriend who was and always will be there; to my sisters and their sisterly advice; and to my parents, especially my dad, who supported me in all my decisions; I am immensely grateful. I would not be who I am and achieved what I have if it weren’t for all of you.

the graduates lining up
the graduates lining up
yep, i took a picture of my attendance card. what?
yep, i took a picture of my attendance card. what?
my friends and I before the ceremony
photos with friends are obligatory before the ceremonies. LOL
with the parents!
with the parents! proud to have the last of the offspring to graduate?

As the caption of my current Facebook profile picture says, “College life and education has come and passed. It’s time for new things, new places, new challenges and new adventures. Time for the unfamiliar; time for a new journey.”

said current Facebook profile picture

I’m gonna miss school. Probably gonna go back, though, and get my master’s degree soon. One step closer to being an over-achiever, eh? Haha. Just kidding.


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