Here’s To Hoping.

The past months have been so chaotic – quite a roller coaster. Blogging hiatus due to school, of course. Priorities, right?

Yeah, school. School life has been up and down lately. Hopefully, it will end on a high note. So many things have happened, I can’t believe it only occurred in a span of a month and give or take a couple of days.

For one, there’s the thesis project. Weeks of anxiety about the project itself culminated on the thesis defense which was an epic failure. Not kidding. The thesis defense was totally tanked, I could hardly believe it. It felt like being woken up by someone dumping ice water on you. Not fun. (But it pushes you, you know?)

The week after that dreadful day, there was a tiny ray of hope that shined – a chance. A removal exam was given and if you passed, you get to push through with your thesis revisions. By some miracle, I did. I passed. It was like the stormy clouds of failure parted.

Then, it was off to do the necessary things to finalize the thesis. Also, I had to get myself cleared for graduation. Meaning, signatures, looking for the appropriate people, waiting, chasing, more waiting, signatures, signatures and even more signatures. I was walking back and forth all over. Literally, up and down the hill. Talk about a workout! I have no complaints, though. It was all worth it in the end. Totally worth it.


Because, I am cleared. I can graduate, given I pass all my classes, of course. And also because earlier today, all the thesis papers were sent for book binding. The books are going to be passed tomorrow, and after that, I am done. It is finished.


I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well for the rest of the weeks to come. I hope that there are no more bumps on the road after that train wreck of a thesis defense. I seriously hope and wish and pray that this is it – I am getting that diploma.

~This also means I am back to blogging about my mundane life. Hopefully, I can do that more often, now. 🙂


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