Fruition: College Graduation.

Something rather significant and life altering occurred this weekend – I graduated! Hooray for me and to my fellow graduates.

receiving my diploma from the dean. huzzah!
little me receiving my diploma from the dean. huzzah!

After five years of slaving away in university, it all came to fruition.

Within the said five years, I have come to meet and get to know both people and things that have impacted me greatly. Within those five years, I have gotten to know myself better, matured and improved in a lot of ways. To my amazing group of friends who have been there through thick and thin throughout the years; to both sets of officers who I served with; to my OJT-mates who made the introduction to office life fun; to the people who thought ill of me and brought me down  (yes them, too); the teachers who challenged me and my classmates; to the boyfriend who was and always will be there; to my sisters and their sisterly advice; and to my parents, especially my dad, who supported me in all my decisions; I am immensely grateful. I would not be who I am and achieved what I have if it weren’t for all of you.

the graduates lining up
the graduates lining up
yep, i took a picture of my attendance card. what?
yep, i took a picture of my attendance card. what?
my friends and I before the ceremony
photos with friends are obligatory before the ceremonies. LOL
with the parents!
with the parents! proud to have the last of the offspring to graduate?

As the caption of my current Facebook profile picture says, “College life and education has come and passed. It’s time for new things, new places, new challenges and new adventures. Time for the unfamiliar; time for a new journey.”

said current Facebook profile picture

I’m gonna miss school. Probably gonna go back, though, and get my master’s degree soon. One step closer to being an over-achiever, eh? Haha. Just kidding.


Let’s Celebrate!

After the stress and hardships brought about by our years in college and mostly by our thesis project, last night, we were given the chance to let our hair down and celebrate our triumph of overcoming the struggles.

credits to Khenn Cagot

Last night was one of those rare nights. So rare that it was the first one ever for me and for a lot of people. It was our Seniors’ Ball, with the theme: Closing the Chapter, Celebrating the Night, held at the Oakridge Pavilion. The first of its kind for the Department of Computer Science. It is rather fitting, too, for our senior class is the pioneering batch of our study.

the place was prepped.
the stage is set.

As per usual, the Dynacom Council planned the event and it went off without a hitch. (Well, there was a set back behind the scenes, but this post isn’t about that.)

The seniors paraded into the event in their best outfits. Everyone was asked to dress to the nines, and didn’t disappoint.

them pretty ladies
also, this was me all prettied up
also, this was me all prettied up…
in high heels!

The food was great, too. I was supposed to go for second helpings yet the food was gone before I got there. LOL

There were awards, too, of course. Shockingly, I was nominated for one. (And when I got on the stage, all I thought was “what? oh wow. why?!”)

Naturally, speeches were made and tears were almost shed. A highlight of the night was when we honored the “Mother of the Batch.” She is a great teacher and also a friend to her students. She inspired us. She also pushed us to do our best and not to give up. I’ve experienced this first-hand. She is partly the reason why I get to receive my diploma tomorrow and not this summer nor next semester. I will forever be grateful to her. 🙂

best teacher ever, Ms. Joan Tero
best teacher ever and Mother of the Batch, Ms. Joan Tero

Enough of the mushy stuff, though. Back to the festivities!

After all the awards were given, the band got set up and it was time for the after party. Everyone danced and sang and partied to their heart’s content while I walked about and took their pictures!

the band.
my friends and their dates. i was fifth wheel. LOL
my friends and their dates. I was fifth wheel. LOL
last pic I took before I was whisked away by the family to go home. LOL

Suffice to say, last night will be one for the books… I can’t wait for tomorrow. Next time I post, I’ll be a college graduate. YEAH!

Here’s To Hoping.

The past months have been so chaotic – quite a roller coaster. Blogging hiatus due to school, of course. Priorities, right?

Yeah, school. School life has been up and down lately. Hopefully, it will end on a high note. So many things have happened, I can’t believe it only occurred in a span of a month and give or take a couple of days.

For one, there’s the thesis project. Weeks of anxiety about the project itself culminated on the thesis defense which was an epic failure. Not kidding. The thesis defense was totally tanked, I could hardly believe it. It felt like being woken up by someone dumping ice water on you. Not fun. (But it pushes you, you know?)

The week after that dreadful day, there was a tiny ray of hope that shined – a chance. A removal exam was given and if you passed, you get to push through with your thesis revisions. By some miracle, I did. I passed. It was like the stormy clouds of failure parted.

Then, it was off to do the necessary things to finalize the thesis. Also, I had to get myself cleared for graduation. Meaning, signatures, looking for the appropriate people, waiting, chasing, more waiting, signatures, signatures and even more signatures. I was walking back and forth all over. Literally, up and down the hill. Talk about a workout! I have no complaints, though. It was all worth it in the end. Totally worth it.


Because, I am cleared. I can graduate, given I pass all my classes, of course. And also because earlier today, all the thesis papers were sent for book binding. The books are going to be passed tomorrow, and after that, I am done. It is finished.


I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well for the rest of the weeks to come. I hope that there are no more bumps on the road after that train wreck of a thesis defense. I seriously hope and wish and pray that this is it – I am getting that diploma.

~This also means I am back to blogging about my mundane life. Hopefully, I can do that more often, now. 🙂