Brace free.

Is this my first post for 2013? Nice. There’s a bit of a change afoot.

Today, I got my braces taken off! I am now brace-free! Whoopee! It’s a big deal, sort of.

I’ve had my braces since around November 2008, i think. So, that’s a little more than four years. The boyfriend actually told me that I look like my high school self, which is true because I had them on in my freshman year in college.

this is what i looked like before having braces on

It’s a weird feeling to have them off. Like there’s a lot of space between my teeth and the rest of my mouth. I can still feel the dents left by those metal wires and brackets. TMI?

Anyway, it’s great to have them off now. I feel like my teeth are free again. Also, it’s good that for my futures milestone/s (i.e. graduation) i won’t have metal in my mouth when smiling for pictures. A tad superficial, i know.

I still have to wear retainers, though. But those can be taken off anytime, right? And more importantly, they won’t hurt as much.

So, after four years of torture, this is what i look like now. Is there a difference? There isn’t much change on the outside. LOL

this me (and my smile) now! 😀

Thanks to my dentist/ortho for fixing my abysmal teeth. 🙂