Thoughts on the year.

I haven’t written anything blog worthy as of late. So, I shall squeeze my brain and get those blogging juices flowing!

I made a decision that I won’t write anything about my Christmas festivities into detail here, for I knew that it would be chaotic and it was. Seriously, many things came about, like family lunches, lots of shopping trips, party with immediate family, another party with relatives. It was too much to take but fun and very Christmas-y. Also, I tried to squeeze in a bit of school work in there but to no avail. Meh.

As this blog is mainly where i put my “organized” thoughts into, this post is dedicated to my 2012 and to the new year.

To begin, I have to say that the past year has not been the best so far. It brought new experiences, new adventures and with them, new mistakes and regrets. I don’t want to wallow much and be a downer. But seeing as the year is almost ending, it is a great and appropriate time to reflect.

This is the time, for me, at least, to look back on my experiences. Be thankful for them, even the bad ones. Because from all my endeavors (good or bad), I get to learn; I get to see where I need to change; I can look forward to another year and make it the better than the year that passed.

I am not as stickler for New Year’s resolutions. But I do have goals and things I want to achieve in life, not just because it’s a “new year.” If forced to say what my resolution is, I’d say that I want to become a better me. In whatever aspect, I’d like to be the best me I could be. Be it in my studies, my health & fitness, my blogging, my attempt at photography, my family relations, my relationships with others… everything! I’d like to put my best self forward in all aspects at all times.

I shall end this post hoping that whoever may read this post, I hope you had a great holiday and a good 2012. I hope you have a blessed and prosperous 2013. May we all greet it with a sense of optimism, hope and open-mindedness. Also, don’t forget to spread the love. 🙂