School Blues: A Pep Talk.


My bag hasn’t been this full for school use for 2-ish years. That was the last time i bought a workbook for a class, too. Looking at it made me realize that my predictions are coming true: I’m in for a rocky last semester ever… Hopefully, it is the last semester of college ever.

Classes began just last week and i am already feeling the pressure. The thesis requirement scares the hell out of me. This could make or break the semester – my entire college education, if you think about it. It could be the reason i don’t graduate. That possibility is too much to much to bear.

Hopefully, i can be optimistic enough. Just think positively. I’m not alone. Everyone else in my year is going through the same thing. I can do this. I am smart enough. Be confident in my skill set. I know i’m diligent and hardworking. A lot is at risk. I just have to do my very best, now, don’t i?

I can do this.


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