My October through Instagram.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been neglecting my humble little blog for a couple of days now. And I certainly blame the start of classes for it! So, to be a “non-procrastinator”, I wanted to post something… and violà!

I was inspired by one of the posts of one of the blogs that I follow, Kryz Uy’s Thirstythought. Although, I don’t know her personally, she is such an inspiration – with her great style and with blog writing.

Anyway, she posts a sort of summary of her month using her Instagram photos. I thought that it was such a fun way to remember what transpired the past month. For me, photos are there to capture the best of times and I thought that a blog post filled with them was such a unique way to remember the month by.

So, feeling inspired yet not-so creative, I decided to follow suit. And here’s my October through Instagram. 🙂

1. lonesome drink at Starbucks during my 3 hour break in between classes
2. Sbarro lunch with the BF 🙂
3. Dimsum dinner with the BF again. 🙂
4. pile of damaged cars in the police camp/compound
5. my doppelgänger! LOL just me with lots of make up on 🙂
6. Starbucks again, this time with the BF.

1. a screen cap of during the time of the Cyber Crime Law debacle
2. Balamban Liempo
3. My friends during our project making sleep over’s horror movie break
4. screen cap of BF’s message, translated: I’m your prince in real life 🙂
5. Brown Cup’s Pesto Butter Porkchop.
6. screen cap of my requirements to pass last semester

1. chocolates given by my sister
2. the BF’s pretty eyes.
3. JCA’s Magic Pizza
4. beating the BF in online Scrabble
5. ice cream break at the nearby 7/11
6. Ayer’s yummy yummy Boneless Lechon!

1. my sister’s homemade chicken soup
2. Burger Joint’s Bacon Mushroom and Cheese Burger with a side of fries
3. the niece being all cute with her new stroller bag
4. Chicken Charlie bowls and potato wedges.
5. Chatime!
6. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts

1. installed the Sims 3!
2. Taylor Swift’s Red album. listened to only this for a whole week.
3. had milk tea fix at Bon Appetea near the niece’s school.
4. the niece playing a bit of chess.
5. my 2nd semester’s schedule, although not final
6. Belgian Choco Cookies!

1. friends at our little get together at Handuraw Pizza
2. what we ate at Handuraw Pizza
3. even more belgian choco cookies! 😀
4. Sunburst dinner with the BF 🙂
5. Starbucks! again.

I just noticed that I coincidentally started and ended my Instagram month at Starbucks. How neat is that? Also, it is glaringly obvious that I ate a lot of good food last October, which is a good thing. It’s funny how just typing up those little captions made me remember all the memories associated with these snapshots. It’s a tad nostalgic, wouldn’t you say so? I’ll definitely try to do this more often. 🙂


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