Set your mind.

The length of time between two semesters in college is the aptly named semestral break. Most college students revel on this 3-week break. I do, too.

A week into my break, i thought i should do some productive things.

1. Exercise. Boy, do i need to do this. Properly. People have been telling me that I’ve gained weight. I’ve noticed in the last weeks of school that my uniform got tighter than usual. 😦 Well, that’s what happens when you just want to eat all the time. Being a picky eater doesn’t help either. So, the plan is to jog for how ever long i can for a minimum of 3 days a week. Good enough, right?

2. Eat healthy. In connection to the previous “goal,” i plan to eat better. As i mentioned, i am a picky eater, so i am restricting myself to the healthier ones of my liking. No more fast food and no more soft drinks.

3. Don’t stray. Yes. Stick to the plan. Don’t get tempted by yummy and indulgent food. Don’t be lazy and exercise the butt off. Be focused and determined. This is for your own good. (And i’m talking to myself LOL)

4. Save money! Not eating out and eating healthier give the opportunity to reduce the spending of money. Hopefully, i could save some for other important things like clothes and shoes and shoes and shoes. Haha

For this little patch of time between semesters, i hope i can achieve these things. I really really need to. May the universe help me.


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