Last Hurrah.

Last Saturday, I went out with a couple of friends from school. One of the said friends decided to treat us to a night of fun and food. We ate some pizzas and had a couple of drinks at Handuraw Pizza, which I also mentioned here. It so happened that most of the guys on that old post were present last Saturday. Not at all coincidental because really, who says “no” to free pizza?

those present! picture from a friend’s camera 🙂

Anyway, after careful deliberation, we placed our orders: 2 pizzas and lots of the potato appetizers. Yum!

mmm meatlovers pizza!

The Meat Lovers pizza! This happened to be the better pizza of the night. All of us were happy with this choice of topping.

The Roasted Garlic and Cheese topped pizza wasn’t much of a hit, though. I mean, the flavors were good, but maybe our pizza was just a tad strong on the garlic and was rather oily. I don’t know. It reminded me of the flavors from their Anchovy Lovey pizza but minus the Anchovy saltiness. 🙂

roasted garlic & cheese pizza

Now these slices of potatoes were, of course, the most ordered.

potato jojos

They were so good! We ended up ordering four plates of these. It was a bang for the buck, too. Clearly. Funnily enough, we kept confusing their name, Potato Jojos, with that of Shakey’s Mojos. They are pretty close, right?

After that, we had a couple of drinks (perfect with those jojos!), lots of laughs and then, made plans for the rest of the night. In the end, we decided to go and sing some karaoke, my deemed good ol’ Filipino past time. Lots of crazy antics went on there, especially with the company’s mix of personalities and senses of humor. It was so fun. At one point, my sides ached so much from laughing.

When it was getting late, a bunch of us decided to move the “party” to IT Park. Some made plans to meet other people there. Some decided to go to Army Navy and get some burgers. Guess which bunch I was a part of, eh?

Army Navy Classic Burger

Look at this burger! I couldn’t resist. Besides, the friend who treated us at Handuraw & karaoke had never tried one of these burgers before. So, after very little to absolutely no prodding, he finally got a taste. Let’s just say, there were no regrets that night.

Personally, this night was rather appropriate and needed. Within a couple of weeks, my last and probably most grueling semester of school will start. This night was the “last hurrah” before it all, if you will. I had to get some fun in before I stress myself out with school. Like I said, no regrets. 🙂


Set your mind.

The length of time between two semesters in college is the aptly named semestral break. Most college students revel on this 3-week break. I do, too.

A week into my break, i thought i should do some productive things.

1. Exercise. Boy, do i need to do this. Properly. People have been telling me that I’ve gained weight. I’ve noticed in the last weeks of school that my uniform got tighter than usual. 😦 Well, that’s what happens when you just want to eat all the time. Being a picky eater doesn’t help either. So, the plan is to jog for how ever long i can for a minimum of 3 days a week. Good enough, right?

2. Eat healthy. In connection to the previous “goal,” i plan to eat better. As i mentioned, i am a picky eater, so i am restricting myself to the healthier ones of my liking. No more fast food and no more soft drinks.

3. Don’t stray. Yes. Stick to the plan. Don’t get tempted by yummy and indulgent food. Don’t be lazy and exercise the butt off. Be focused and determined. This is for your own good. (And i’m talking to myself LOL)

4. Save money! Not eating out and eating healthier give the opportunity to reduce the spending of money. Hopefully, i could save some for other important things like clothes and shoes and shoes and shoes. Haha

For this little patch of time between semesters, i hope i can achieve these things. I really really need to. May the universe help me.

About the First of the Last

Warning! Text heavy post up ahead! 

Today is the day that marks the official end of the first semester for my last year in university! I passed all the projects. Defended one, even. Gave my adviser all my internship documents. It’s finally done and I am relieved. Hey! Only 5 more months to go before graduation. The anticipation is killing me and I’m sure, the school load will too.

I have to say, the past semester has not been good to me. Some things just didn’t pan out the way I desperately wanted them to. But, these things do happen.

Let me elaborate…

For starters, my On-the-Job training requirement for school was not much of a dream-come-true. With internships, you tend to have this dream job of sorts in mind. I think. That so didn’t happen to me! But you have to deal with what the universe has given you, especially with the time constraints. My internship contract ended around the 2nd month after school started but despite finishing quite early, the experience landed me into LOTS of personal trouble. I admit, I have made poor poor poor choices.

Another thing. My student organization council gig was not so good. I don’t know. Before the start of the academic year, I was ready to face things head on. I was ready to commit. But life happens, I guess. I had to finish my OJT work. Also, I had errands at home, and sometimes the parents just decide that I should stay at home for some days. Clearly, despite being in my early 20s, my parents still think I’m a kid. Sheesh. Excuses aside, I did not perform. I know that for a fact, regrettably so. Hopefully, I can redeem myself for the next semester.

With these first two cases, I seriously wish I could turn back time. Since I can’t, then, I have to live with my poor! decisions.

The projects. Grr. Those projects are the bane of my existence (as a student). The only thing that bothered me with regards to all the projects that I’ve passed for my final this semester was that it wasn’t good enough. So not good enough. Being a semi-perfectionist and wanna-be overachiever in school, those projects did not make me happy. They were very much not up to par. But what’s done is done. I’ve passed them and hopefully, the grade will be better than the actual project. Plus points for attendance, sir?

On a more personal note, my relationships with people around me suffered a bit. My family, peers, the boyfriend – these relationships have been a tad rocky. I can certainly pinpoint why I rocked the boat on these relationships… and for that, I’m sorry. Truly. I am. No excuses. I promise to get better at all this though. Promise. Promise. Promise.

Hopefully, in a couple month’s time, I’ll be blogging about walking down the aisle… and accepting my diploma! YEY~

Wish me luck for next semester!