Chicken and Cha

Yesterday, September 1st, was supposed to be a busy day for me. I had planned on attending a workshop on the afternoon but wasn’t able to go. For one, in accordance with the rainy season in the Philippines, it poured around midday, making it impossible to go out without getting your shoes wet. And, my stomach decided to act all funny. 😦 This all happened when  the boyfriend and I were taking our lunch. Therefore, all afternoon plans were cancelled.

I was going to write about that workshop but since I wasn’t able to attend, I shall blog about the lunch instead.

This blog is starting to be a food blog now. Sheesh.

We went to Chicken Charlie. This was our second time going.

they had pretty interiors 🙂 look at the ceiling!

The prior being the night of my birthday. woo! On the first go, I ate their Meal with 3 pieces of wings. This was decided due to the fact that wings were the only part available. LOL. Anyway, I tried both of their flavors (Soy Garlic & Sweet Chili was it?). Both are very yum!  The boyfriend tried their rice bowl. It was alright.The boyfriend got to taste my meal a bit said that their wings are good for those days when you want to just lounge around, watch some movies and want something to munch on.

On the second go, we both ate the chicken, only it was the “drumstick” part. He had the spicy flavored one. I had the non-spicy flavor. Surprisingly, the wings had more flavor… making it more yum. I was rather disappointed. No pictures of the chicken. They didn’t photograph well for me. 😦

We also tried their potato wedges (they’re good!) and their dynamite cheese sticks (they’re very good too!).

Dynamite Cheese Sticks!
Potato Wedges! 🙂

After that, we went next-door to Chatime and had our tea fix. Milk tea is becoming quite a trend here in Cebu City. Tea shops are popping out everywhere!

His red bean milk tea and my taro milk tea with mousse on top 🙂

The red bean milk tea had a very strong tea flavor which is good. In most milk teas here, one tastes more milk than tea.

The taro milk tea with the mousse was very yummy! It was very filling, too. I’ve tried a handful of taro flavored milk teas before but this one was the only one with real taro bits in it. Well, i think it was real taro bits. 🙂 The mousse on top was so good, too!

The place was very pretty also. They had such cute furnishings in the very girly colors of pink and purple.

I am going back here though. It’s hard not to, as it is also right next to Army Navy Burger + Burrito.

a girly girl’s haven! LOL
you can see the gloom outside, as it was raining.

And then, my stomach started to act out. That’s basically it.


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