It’s All in the Mind

Some photos I took when went out by myself late July… and yes, i had a mini food trip all by myself LOL

my name spelled right by the Starbucks barista. it makes me smile whenever that happens. weird, i know.
IT park πŸ™‚
a lil birdie spying at the left overs at McDonald’s πŸ™‚
french fries! nomnomnom πŸ˜€
the lights at YoGo Boy πŸ™‚

I am an amateur. I know that. But it never hurts to practice and improve my skills.

It sucks that I always say this. I always tell myself that I have to practice to improve yet I cannot push myself to simply just do so. I may be too lazy or too tired or whatever. That shouldn’t be, now should it? If you want something, pursue it. When you pursue it, with all that you’ve got. If you want to achieve something, strive for it. Strive for it with all your might.

These thoughts are always in my head. I keep telling myself to just DO it. DO IT! But I don’t. Hopefully, this time around, I WILL.

Start out simply. I think.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Confucius πŸ™‚


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