OJT hunting blues

I’m almost at then end of my 3rd (technically, 4th) year in college. This would mean looking for an internship. It’s credit that i need for me to graduate next March.

Pushed to have working experience in my field of study, I’ve applied at almost every online job ad that I’ve seen on job sites and haven’t heard from any one. This saddens me.

I even applied for jobs that are only sublty related to my field but they are jobs that i think i would enjoy. I’ve applied for a writing internship and a photojournalism job at different online magazine type websites. There’s far greater chance for me to get accepted in those jobs but they don’t have proper offices which is disadvantageous.

My school requires me to have journals and DTR things for my interships. Those two jobs, even though they may be fun to do, might not fulfill those requirements needed on paper. This saddens me even more. These are two different opportunities for me to grow my talents but they might not be enough to achieve the things required.

I am feeling very desperate. It’s almost the end of the school year, and still nada. Being the lazy bum that i am, i am now pushed to actually do walk-in applications to ‘proper’ companies. There is no one to accompany me and i don’t exactly know where to go.

This sucks. 😐



Around a week ago, a semi-miracle took place. It isn’t what you would think. It wouldn’t seem like a big deal to a person but to me it was. I am a very complex person. People close to me can definitely attest to this.

Anyway. What happened? I realized i turned a new leaf. I realized that i’ve grown up, matured… a teeny tiny bit. I’ve learned to forget the past and accept new things. I realized that i’ve downgraded my hardheadedness and my stubborness, which is hard when you think about it but not at all when it actually happens.

To further explain, let me start from the beginning. Let me start by explaining how i am, well, how i used to be.

I’ve been the type to hold a grudge for forever, like, a really really really long time. To be honest, there are some people whom i’ve had ‘misunderstandings’ with in highschool and i still dislike them. I don’t practice that forgive and forget concept. It isn’t a good attitude but that’s just how i roll(ed).

There are a couple of people whom i disliked a lot for the past years. A quarrel of sorts occured between them and i (and the rest of my friends). Nobody told me that some of my friends have rekindled their ties with the disliked persons. Until a month ago they told me the truth about their “reunion.” what amazed me was that i had no problem with it at all despite feeling very hateful to those people. It stung a little bit that they couldn’t trust me (or were they scared?) to tell me about them being friends again but i accepted it anyway.

I had an epiphany of sorts. I matured a little bit, in that sense. I’m still as bratty and childish in other aspects.

A photo of the whole gang, if you will, showing off our unlimited rides wrist band 🙂

We all got together at St. James Amusement Park. Although totally awkward at first, it was still a fun experience.